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Tax advice and auditing

In order to best prepare you for the challenges of tax consultancy and auditing, we offer you comprehensive and sound training. Experienced colleagues, as well as internal and external training courses, ensure that you develop your know-how further and constantly update it. In addition to your professional knowledge, your personal development is very important to us.

For trainees, the passing of the professional examinations at the Austrian Kammer der Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer (KSW, the Austrian Chamber of Chartered Accountants) represents a central step in your career. We support and accompany you professionally, organisationally and financially in preparing for your professional examinations.

As a Certified Tax Advisor or Certified Public Accountant , you will have the opportunity to acquire expert knowledge through your professional activity as well as through special seminars. We also support you in passing on your specialist knowledge in the form of academic publications and lectures.

If you are ready to constantly take on new challenges and develop further both personally and professionally, you will have the opportunity – according to your strengths and inclinations –to pursue an expert or managerial career.

Accounting and payroll

The subject of qualification and further training is also given top priority in the field of accounting and payroll. The passing of the certified accountant examinations or the certified payroll accountant examinations is an essential step in your professional development. Experienced accountants and payroll accountants have the opportunity to undertake additional training and stay up to date on the basis of further seminars.

Financial advisory

Your career path at Rabel & Partner is characterised by ever-increasing project and employee responsibility. In the course of their career with us, we support our employees in professional and personal development through a variety of further education opportunities – both “on the job” and “off the job”.

How quickly you make which career moves depends on your performance and your personal goals. Each step brings with it new challenges and new tasks. An experienced mentor will be available to you to accompany your career from the first day, and will discuss your past achievements and future opportunities with you on a regular basis.

Of course, we encourage and support our employees in acquiring additional qualifications (such as WP, CFA, CVA, etc.) and in attending continuing education courses if they are relevant to their current position or future career path.


Because an optimally organised law firm cannot exist without well-trained administrative staff, we also offer sound education and training in this area, according to your commitment.

Career interviews take place at least once a year in order to ensure your continuing professional and personal development. In the course of these discussions, on the one hand you will receive honest feedback about your performance and your professional progress to date; on the other hand, future training and development perspectives will be defined.

If you are fond of a challenge and want to excel both professionally and personally, then apply to us (job market).