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Rabel & Partner is an associate member of Praxity AISBL, the leading global alliance of independent auditing and consulting firms. For our clients’ international issues, we can recommend well-known auditing and consulting companies to you in more than 100 countries of the world through our membership, with whom we cooperate in close coordination in joint projects. Our contacts to the partners of foreign Praxity member companies, together with our personal network from a multitude of cross-border projects, enable us to provide competent support for all our clients’ foreign activities.

About Praxity

Praxity AISBL is a worldwide alliance of independent auditing and consulting firms. With aggregate sales revenues of all member companies totalling 5.2 billion US dollars (approximately 4.4 billion euros), Praxity is the world’s largest alliance of independent ‘accounting firms’ and ranks seventh among all corresponding organisations (including networks and alliances). As of 31 December 2017, Praxity had 65 member companies in 103 countries with 47,000 partners and employees in 630 offices.


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The international non-for-profit entity under Belgian law has its executive office in Epsom. Praxity – Global Alliance Limited is a not-for-profit company registered in England and Wales, limited by guarantee, and has its registered office in England. As an alliance, Praxity does not practice the profession of public accounting or provide audit, tax, consulting or other professional services of any type to third parties. The Alliance does not constitute a joint venture, partnership or network between participating firms. Due to the independence of the member companies, Praxity does not guarantee the services or the quality of the services of its member companies.

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